Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Allah Wanted was Amazon Doormats - Whiskey and The Surfer MS197

Amazon Employee tries to leap to their death only to land on a pile of discarded Allah Doormats after online protests had them removed from the site while the crosses and stars get to stick around.  Donald Trump takes issue with Symbolic Speech, Blood Suckers turn a two person love orgy into a Crime Scene and the Police are bummed they can't shoot anyone. Australia leads the way with Human Microchipping, ease of access until Hackers and by that I mean dudes with Machetes cut your chip out and use your Hand like a garage door opener to your SOUL. Did I mention MOSH? The DWARVES cover THE RAMONES, MINISTRY makes it show debut, THE KNIFE AND OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN come through the Request Line, DJ Phantom counters with BOLT THROWER, MX MACHINE, SEPULTURA and ANTHRAX. Information on how to join our Alpha Mail Christmas Card Program, Fliip starts a business selling a Macebased Sex Lube to sell to FEMA Camps which causes chaos inside of the Corporate structure which is the NONE OF THIS REAL Simulation of http://www.Whiskeyandthesurfer.com found at http://www.sexpotcomedy.com

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Monday, November 28, 2016

What's Somali with You? Whiskey and The Surfer MS196

In the year 2065, two AM morning guys make the move to FM using a time portal, a microwave and Direct TV as they warn America of its impending doom from a hidden Bunker in their FEMA Camp 17 levels below the Denver Airport.  The world is heating up like a jock jams rally cry as the OSU Campus is awash in the blood of bad Ref Calls and the Karma from their cheating comes home to roost in the name of FAKE NEWS. Shootings reported to gain eyes downgrading to stabbing as it finds its way into the swisscheese of the minds and hearts of an electorate about to be put through the Recount Ringer as both sides make money selling Democracy and AD time and make sure an agitated, scared populace continues to spend LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW. We talk about Russian Holocaust Denier Figure Skating and why Clint Malarchuk is the Hero in our new Icecapades Terror on Ice as we bring awareness to Global Warming through interpretive Assisted Suicide. DID I mention BONUS SONGS!!!  F Yeah Double Shots from NO WARNING, KING DIAMOND, BIOHAZARD, BAD RELIGION, MERCYFUL FATE, EXCITER, RAZOR and CELTIC FROST. Nick Cannon breaks down the truth of Eugenics via TMZ...Zach Galafinakis prepares us for Hillary's Presidential Installment and also, NONE OF THIS IS REAL. Have Fun, Stay Absurd, Rate, Review, Share, Love, Lust, and be the ROCKY IV Here of your life and let the strength of Bridget Nielsen take us into a new tomorrow.
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ANARCHY, CHAOS, CANIIBALISM and more mosh this Week!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Please Pass The Propaganda - Whiskey and The Surfer - MS195

Whiskey and The Surfer is Alternative Reality Programming. The show is hosted by DJ Phantom, JLJ, Wes Key and Fliip Riivers with contributions from Writer's Strike Johnny Carson and Mondo and Carnito who do Weather and Traffic on the Sixes. 
Using the tattered remnants of the First Amendment and a rigged Time Portal hidden 17 levels below the Denver Airport, 2 AM Morning Guys, Wes Key and Fliip Riivers (Whiskey and The Surfer) rock rage in the year 2065 using science, the occult, weird news, agorithms and the sweet riffs of metal, thrash, hardcore and 80s Pop to save America and Her Freedom and Liberties 1 sick hot ass riff at a time. 
It is the day before Thanksgiving and we are calling it a week only to return Monday. The Mainstream Media will let you know that your family dinner is a place for war, division, arguing and strife as the move to dismantle the family unit and replace it with a Safe Space Inner Metropolis Tribalist unit where a Village will raise the same child it sacrifices to Baal to rain down sweet MEMES to keep the huddled masses huddled en masse, blindfolded by the Flag which once stood for freedom, now handpainted like a Going Out of Business Sale that is the Waterbeds and Stuff Store Model this country is fast becoming.
Arm yourself with a Shiv, a Bible, The Koran, a DAPL Job Application, grandma's recipes, a copy of Mein Kampf to keep Uncle Carmine busy, Ayn Rand for the kids table, plus Crayons and Glitter for the Bernie Bros losing their kids college funds on, "NO kids for us Bro!, The Future is Important."
None of this is Real
We Live in a Computer and only the SICK ASS MOSH FROM DJ PHANTOM as she drops and goes HARD with The Godfather's AGNOSTIC FRONT and the Almighty SICK OF IT ALL, she drops in some WEEKEND NACHOS, BENCHPRESS, EMPIRE OF RATS and GOD FORBID covers MERAUDER like a BOSS, plus some Y&T because we gotta throw the Bay Area some love as we chew on edibles and search The Tri-Valley for sweet Yams, Hard Mosh and an open Starbucks.
http://www.johntole.com/blog Use the Amazon Link
http://www.whiskeyandthesurfer.com use the email sign up
whiskeyandthesurfer@yahoo.com for Music, Topic Requests, Suggestions and general messages of GFY.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Contagious Memes - Whiskey and The Surfer MS194

DJ Phantom rock rages us with RKL, REDEMPTION 87, TERRORIZER, RINGWORM, TESTAMENT and some sweet ass riffs from JLJ, Wes Key, Fliip Riivers and The Almighty Y&T. Guy runs himself over in his car, Guy lights himself on fire in the name of Corporate Coffee, Guy stabs his Dad to avoid Circumcision and Astronauts see gnarly ass lights and shit, Alien Disclosure forthcoming as we move from the family unit into a Nativist Tribal Culture of Warring Factions so pray your Memes are Dank or the unregulated school bus you get sent off to your camp in will not have seatbelts with pickable locks. Is your core engaged? Have you deeply considered TCOFY. One more show this week, so get ready for Wed, loosen that belt, work on your chest and rage on with your bad self.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Rental Car Front Seat Mosh - Whiskey and The Surfer MS192

DJ Phantom loads us up with some PRIDE KILLS, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, MAIDEN, ACCEPT, NOTHING PERSONAL, COUNT ME OUT, THE GUNS and my own fat loser band gets added in, we talk about Sex Robots, Work Robots and the coming culling of the DNC, Fake News and I say liberal Neredowells so much, the dude who owns the trademark sends an army of Homeless Dudes to ride in HOME DEPOTS NEW ROBOT WORKERS to take away our rights. Odd show and I will also go live and do something else since I don't have the same production capacity when I am on the road, but we are raging nonetheless so lets Wind This Mother Up and Let Her Rip.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Hate Free Movie Friday - Whiskey and The Surfer MS192

Choas Magic and the Memeing of The Evil Depths of people being funny on the internet. Where does it lead, Next on Donahue. This show is thrash tasted, metal mother approved and we've got MADBALL, MAIDEN, BACKTRACK, WISDOM IN CHAINS, then DJ Phantom knows a travel day is here and tosses in some J. Geils, Loverboy and some Acoustic KISS. ICE HOUSE TONIGHT, 10PM. Also new wage gaps are found, we see The Arrival or whatever that movie was I kept forgetting to talk about. Anyways, don't miss the forest for the trees and watch as the language changes around you like a demon infested Argentinian Summer Camp for World Leaders who love bonfires, burning effigies and their own private water supply and standing army.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

creeps and desserters - Whiskey and The Surfer MS191

Why not take the time it takes to charge your phone just a mere 5% and chill and let your breath happen. Hey try it, be a goof and have fun, none of this is real at any level. Starbucks Video real or fake? Global Warming Real or Fake? College Outrage to get rid of the Electoral College, who wins when Politics changes the rules and drives traffic to its centralized end. Will the Populist Popularity Contest run on or will a young star named Art Acevedo step up to become beloved City by City along the Gulf Coast as he becomes the new Grand Chancellor of New South America, either way, comedy and citizen shootings run hand in hand through the 4th of July Picnic that is Austin's Celebration that the regime ended. We have a mysterious plane who flew over Denver yesterday and now its a Winter Paradise, more facts, guesses and the Prize Van Promo code will be available from Mondo Carnito with Traffic y Tiempo on the SIXES. DID WE MENTION, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, IRON MAIDEN, THE ALMIGHTY SKARHEAD by request along with SLEIGH BELLS and we would like to be apologize for THE GHETTO BOYS for not coming to mind during our HOUSTON related discussion. A dude dissolved in ACID at a National Park in JUNE and the story broke today on CNN as Clinton Aids practice their enemy disposal.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Here we go again like a Whitesnake montage and we don't have enough insurance to keep denting these hoods. Speaking of today, HOODS, new jams from POWER TRIP, The Replacements, REACH THE SKY, SOD, AFI, THE NSA, THE CIA, THE FBI are all moshing in their cubicles with their spying jobs being extended indefinitely like a Detention, I don't feel tardy, We mosh on with ANTHRAX and talk about Steve Bannon, Breitbart, the Native American Protests, Pipeline Issues, what the end game is and how to get hella more hot tub time inside of the Simulation. SETTINGS:SHARK:SPACE:FUCKSWITH:HELLA:11

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

how high is your new fence gonna be part 2 prayin4u - Whiskey and The Surfer MS189

Bro we are raging with MOTLEY CRUE, CROWN OF THORNZ, MUNICIPAL WASTE, REM gets snuck in on us, like a hard charging CIA bag man just making a name for himself in the new regime. Corruption, intrigue, plus Mondo and Carnito with the Weather and Traffic on the SIXES, we rage out with some KEEL and of course the Almighty RAW DEAL. Will virtual reality change our eyes in the same way emoji has connected to the zenith of cultural emotion. Sweden installs a mansplaining line and the story does a great job as instilling Islamic Fear through Europe and everyone else dumb enough to click on that shiny jewel of Propaganda. Check out the book Propaganda, written in 1928, talks about Mind Control, advertising and how Radio might react. Telling. Went to kickboxing last night, I feel good, this is the year my stomach moves to Canada instead of Mexico. USA. I would like to apologize to the singer of Grim Reaper for comparing my body to Vince Neil's and also none of this is real. Welcome to the Simulation.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Robots VS Trump - Whiskey and The Surfer MS186

Robots and why they are coming to get us unless we grant them the same access to bathrooms as everyone else and their cooling systems are heating up for battle. Protesters against Trump realize had they protested the DNC for Bernie like that, they would've been getting it wet inside whatever Candle Store they read their poetry at. We teach Boneheads how to count, Paul Stanley gives us the meaning of life, couple EXPLOITED jams to celebrate the return of Presidential hating circle mosh and brick throwing dissent but these nerds throw like nerds who have never thrown IRL, so now I can't say anything about Rotator Cuffs because they can't shoulder the responsibility to not be offended by sounds. Go listen to Dokken today in celebration that this planet may just be the Cockrock Cockroach in this corner of the simulation. Plus listener complaints and Mondo and Carnito with the Traffic and Weather.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

ECW ECW ECW Everyone's A Winner - Whiskey and The Surfer MS184

Well here we are, the finale, will it go into OT, what if the job is the running part and the President part is just playing hoops with CEOs. We here at Whiskey and The Surfer do not believe in the voting due to what is insurmountable evidence that at every level the 1s and 0s are ran by the same guy, Gosh Darn it keep posting lyrics, Enjoy this day we seem to all be paying closer attention to than most......watch the skys and enjoy the silence while you still can was not a greeting card Hallmark would buy could you believe not wanting to service the romantic side of this fine nations preppers, Promocode None of this real. Take it to the gym and do cardio with it. 

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Monday, November 7, 2016

ENJOY TODAY WHILE ITS LEGAL - Whiskey and The Surfer MS183

We sit back and cherish one last day with the idea of either candidate or a catastrophe of Biblical or EMP proportions, Perhaps something to pin more blame as we prop up the Russians as our next undeclared enemy, Nothing to See Here, Keep the Mimosa's flowing Momma's Got an air quote historic inauguration speech one of these eggheads wrote and I gotta make it doesnt offend any donors or enemies. Wikileaks proves to just be another media outlet as the only business that has any growith in what is about to be a powderkeg is opinion and this whole thing is Rigged, PC, SJW, Activist Nerd culture who have never cracked a single Public Enemy record, anyways for our last day of FREEDOM, QUEENSRYCHE OF COURSE, Tom Petty, Gang Green, Insted and a couple surprises, I review my neighborhood based on how many race cars with infowars stickers it has and that being said, enjoy your Monday while its your elect which gave you such priveledge. Cue the Maiden.

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Fandango Friday Fiesta - Whiskey and The Surfer MS182

Chaos related bloodletting in the name of political good taste are we seeing the rise in Occult stories along with the 8 Goddesses scandal in South Korea or is some evil cabal really not fast enough to stay ahead of the internet they created... Maybe the AI models they have been running show their own AI will be undone because the truthful nature of mathematics and computing would give rise to the most efficient algorithms and that's the Math the HillDog uses when she's slamming Mimosa's at a 7am briefing. Hell Bent for Leather we talk about BDSM and leading to altered states and deeper levels of creativity and that's only if your budget matches your ability to come up with weird shiz. Today's live show can be found at https://www.spreaker.com/user/9351333 and at http://www.sexpotcomedy.com http://www.whiskeyandthesurfer.com http://www.johntole.com/blog use the AMAZON Links to help grow this daily digital romp through maniac Mint Shit. Today's Show RINGWORM, SLAYER, HATEBREED, UNIFORM CHOICE, MINOR THREAT, QUEENSRYCHE and an homage to a HERO of the show. Take Your Prayers and Say Your Vitamins.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cubs WIN - Whiskey and The Surfer - MS181

Bonus Content for the Live Listeners, https://www.spreaker.com/show/2019344 the podcast can be found at whiskeyandthesurfer.com and sexpotcomedy.com Today's Show we played homage to the Cubs with Chicago with the Expressed Written Dissent of Libertarians we raged on with Sick of it All, The Almighty Agnostic Front, 2 incarnations of King Diamond and Take Offense, Maiden and Night Ranger round out the roster. Sex Robots, scandals, anarchy of the spirit as a singular journey as the God of Culture is forced upon your every view, but you control the Horizon of your perceptions so head on down to O'Reillys and get one of those motor mounts because these Robots are NOT LIGHT. Experience these extraordinary times in the most extraordinary way you can for tomorrow is promised to no one. Sex Robot Divorce and FIFA level illuminati conspire to inspire a whole generation of future imprisoned American Soccer Fans who wear jerseys that say BIMBO. and Circus. and on towards the Sea we Go.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Battle for Space - Whiskey and The Surfer MS180

Here we go again with another installment of WIDE AWAKE WEDNESDAY where we refuse to play any STRAIGHT EDGE bands today DJ Phantom WOWS us with a TRIPLE SHOT of D.I., we jam out to GBH, we are Welcomed to New Jersey by the XCOPS and The Maggots and Tears fall like rain as we tackle programs to limit FREE Speech at the University and YOUTUBE LEVEL. Willl there be a moonbase and will the Illuminati run it? OF COURSE YOU IDIOTS BUT IF YOU WANNA GET IT WET AT THE GLOBALIST MOON LEVEL you better find a group of Neredowells to Study with and work on your Demonic Skills. We talk about the BIOSPHERE and ACID REIGN but thats only because we are raging with NUCLEAR ASSAULT and ANTHRAX tells us its time for our Meds. T minus less than a week til we are collectively sick of the sickness that is the incurable ills that are plaguing this nation. Do we need to drain the swamp? Only LIZARD PEOPLE WOULD SELL YOU THAT NARRATIVE. Why aren't we studying the CEPHALOPODS as the incarnation of how we evolve as a species or has that been the Moon Base Alien plan this WHOLE TIME. Come find us online at sexpotcomedy.com whiskeyandthesufer.com cartpathdiem.com johntole.com/blog and use the link for the AMAZON it helps the show and proceeds go to keeping This MILLIENIUM RIFF FALCON its in Finest Blast Shields.

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