Friday, September 30, 2016


We go live with almost all the bells and whistles, live Golf Audio nestles itself nicely inbetween movie's we are NEVER GOING TO SEE. Including Jack Reacfher 2 Electric Scientologaloo, MasterMinds and some movie about chess? Are we really that out of great stories? Cmon people. Live from Denver 17 floors below the Denver Airport its Whiskey and The Surfer.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

LATE - Whiskey and The Surfer 157

DJ Phantom throws some hard metal, we talk about the revisionism that will erode the truth of life and the globalist agenda to outlaw even the idea of belief. That being said, eat something healthy, go for a walk and be creative, you're going to be dead one day.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Black Moon LSD Clownpocolypse - Whiskey and The Surfer -156

DJ Phantom switches teams again and recovers from a bad connection to bring us Malevolent Creation, Suicidal, Sepultura, Modern English, we bounce The Thompson Twins and jam The Cars and Raven. We get into Black Moons, LSD to change the brain, dudes who swear off women because their inner ugliness has matched their outer appearance, Boner Coffee and The Coming ISIS driven Halloween Clownpocalypse.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Mile High - Whiskey and The Surfer MS154

DJ Phantom throws an all 80's dance party and then tosses in some Vio-lence and Vader. The Non Metal Fans will love it for sure. We mourn Arnold Palmer and Jose Fernandez, we figure out the World incrementally increasing in crud and turn the lesson around and apply the same lessons to putting the move on the ball of life and engaging in purpose today. PMA cranked to 11. What else is there? The Debates are terrible and why Donald is gonna win. ST throws the ragers Suicidal Maniac and life is amazing.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

JLJ's Mom's First Appearance - Whiskey and The Surfer MS152

DJ Phantom throws rock heaters of Night Ranger, Motley Crue and Judas Priest and MORE IMPORTANTLY! JLJ's Mom, Sheila Tole rages in the Simulation, we learn about bad Halloween's how my Brother's Musical Tastes were controlled with a circuit breaker and we talk the Parable of the Sewer. On top of that, Metallica and Pantera rock rage with us in the 1s and 0s of the digital Simulation, the show has an argument over voting.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Satanic Trumple - Whiskey and The Surfer 151

Three AM Raging in the Sim, jamming out to Jasta, Rush, 38 Special, Domination by Pantera, Metallica, we continue to hate Led Zeppelin, we jam out to Massacre, talk Satanic Temples and anxiety causes cancer and how to save yourself.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Under The Gun - Whiskey and The Surfer 148

DJ Phantom loses her connectivity and then resets with Testament, Pantera and completes a double shot of Cro-Mags, we talk about teaching via parable in the simulation, being a full lvinig sacrifice, getting of the way and smiling and dialing into some Slayer, old school Suicidal, Twisted Sister's We Not Gonna See It Movie Review Segment and we have the documents showing German Nazis beating the undocumented and the cops coin flipping their job description inside of the Holographic System we call Now. Time is Running Out

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Infected Voice - Whiskey and The Surfer 146

We talk Punch Comedy, Genuine Joes, a golf free episode we get into Rush, Death, Sepultura, Metallica and Vio-lence. A chick loses her mind at a Wendy's and I almost kill a guy at a Starbucks. We forget to talk about wrestling again and we have 2 shows this week.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's Over Johnny - Live Golf - Whiskey and The Surfer MS145

DJ Phantom rages in the golf cart of life as the boys take the show on the road, we get audio from Holes 1 and 2 from Hancock on a gorgeous monday AM, we then hit the studio, fill in some gaps, HEY NOW, we hear from Styx, a Maiden Cover, we think its Dio but its Ripper Owens, plus Ratt, we hate the Misfits not once but twice and DJ Phantom throws JLJ some Queensryche as a reward for parring number 1 even though Hole was a disaster. What kind of AHole plays golf on the radio?

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Monday, September 12, 2016

The 930 Collapse - Whiskey and The Surfer

Stephen Pearcy threatens to put us on a shelf so DJ Phantom turns it all around with debuts from Demolition Hammer, JLJ Dumps April Wine to go along with all wine except for the blood of Jesus, even though he missed church to post this blog and edit this show because Whiskey and The Surfer is joining The Rust Belt Hammer Podcast to rage down to San Antonio for tonights card with Booker T, Matt Cross, Kurt Angle and more. In this show we talk about a potential currency reset on Sept 30, we meet a fellow tin foil hat dude who sends us down a rabbit hole as we figure out the rabbit hole inside of the KLBJ Prize van we live in. Sweet jams from The Crue, ACDC, Journey, Death and Van Halen.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Illusion of Icing The Kicker - Whiskey and The Surfer

It is Friday and I am typing this on a Logitech wireless because Captain Fatass here spilled his iced coffee on his Surface keyboard.  When do you blog? its almost 6am here in the Simulation and we just finished a sweet show featuring Motorhead's "Civil War" and DJ Phantom wows up on Top with ST's "You Can't Bring Me Down", we talk about our new show sponsor, Mike Muir SuiCyco Therapist and we discuss Corporate Ice Coffee, the myth of Free Will, The Surfer is convinced that the Wells Fargo 5300 Employees Fired is a Virgin Sacrifice to the Demon of an Angry Populace, while the media continues to prop the illusion of a free and open society, while the Right figures out how to polish a turd and Ann Coulter is ordered to her death to cover the current other Fox Story no one is really talking about. We hear from JLJ's Dad JRTOG who explains why the Yankees are winning and why the Sox may collapse and The Horn here in Austin Teaches us about the real facts of the illusion of Football Strategy. What it comes down is that Divine Mercy is Power and No One is Doing Enough because they've learned to monetize inaction and discussion of it. Distractions rule the day in a society where opinion is churned out and smarmier than standing over a cube wall trying to be funny while you wonder if the apple box should be higher. I will leave you with two things as my still coffee stained Surface screen shows me I have 33% Battery Left and 3 movie reviews I never got to, along with the Old Head New Metal Segment brought to you by Metal Blade Records which will air on Monday at
I like my coffee like I like my kickers, Iced.
Have a great weekend, God Bless.
DJ Phantom
Wes Key as Whiskey
Flip Rivers as The Surfer
Writers Strike Johnny Carson and Alternative Universe Jay Leno
If you would like the show as soon as it is produced you can find it on both
The show can be found at and ITunes and The I Heart Radio App.
Huge thanks to Suicidal, Testament, Vio-lence, Forbidden, Cro-Mags, Exodus, Slayer, Death, Kreator and the Almighty Motorhead. The Clubhouse, Hyena's Comedy Club, The Velv, Phil's Ice House, Amy's Ice Cream and my Cosmic Brother BDoe, Cabby Mike and the 1400 lb GoldWing that is Buford, Austin VR Lab and Rust Belt Hammer.
and the last thing as we watch the distracted fallout from the 5300 Bank Firings, my native blood tells me never to trust a stagecoach.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Pray for my broken computer

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Garage Pod Revisited - Whiskey and The Surfer

The cell reception is so terrible at the condo I'm staying at that I had to podcast from the garage, like some kind of obese Marc Maron. We talk what we always talk, Running with the Flock of Seagulls, Running with the Devil, Metallica, Styx, Parasite from KISS, Dokken makes an appearance along with Europe, Accept, we dump the Misfits, some acoustic thing I have no idea about, The Ramones and Minor Threat. DJ Phantom was mixing up her pictures and throwing off speed stuff. The at bat of life never ends until it does so you might as well keep hitting bombs. We talk mostly about criminal mischief and we break down the beattitudes. We are at King Bee Wednesday Night with Chris Cubas and Chris Fairbanks, at the Spiderhouse Ballroom 9/9, 10pm Free Show for Peep Show with Zac Brooks and Lisa Friedrich who went on The Show Before The Show 48 with me and BDoe today at KLBJ, we also met Jack Ingram and we are submitted Pitboss 2000 songs to the showcase where my sweet ass jams will get judged by people who can actually play. Not that I can't but c'mon really, I wrote a riff last year just based on an account number for an infected Poison Ivy ER Visit that I forgot to pay again. Prayer is the powerwasher for the sin grime on your hull. Do the work and watch the game change. "Swung on and a drive, its high, its hard, its handsome, its history." - Amarillo TV Announcer Summer 93.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Wedding Prisoner - Whiskey and The Surfer

Whiskey and The Surfer are back after a 20 hour road trip to celebrate the official Pitboss 2000 Danny and Sarah Zink wedding. We talk about bombing at a wedding, trying to follow a hot chick with a Ukelele (no idea how that's spelled). DJ Phantom gets that time of the month prissiness with some passive aggressive Cars Action but first starts off the show with Kreator, Exodus, Forbidden, Cro-Mags, a very special welcome to Venom. We close on Maiden and Judas Priest after we downvote the end of the show. There is no only now, do tomorrows work today. What else is there? Seriously, and enjoy all of this. War is coming to the home front. Start working out like you're going to need it. Other than that, we celebrate being single, talk about marriage, love, healing on the Sabbath and UT beats the golden domers in Double OT. Mushroom talk, Indie Wrestling and a new blog at both and

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Unchain The Night - Whiskey and The Surfer

To borrow my bearded Cosmic Brother BDoe's War Rally Cry for his Rowdy Rockers, we too will share in the joy that is Fridaylujah! DJ Phantom sits down and fires up a literal bevvy, a cornucopia, an ultimate nature's balance of mosh riffs including Overkill, Testament, Metallica, Slayer and Eddie Money. We apologize to Eddie Murphy, we wonder about media manipulation in regards to Swedish heckling, we finally get an outfit for the XLAX Zink Pitboss 2000 wedding like we said we were gonna. Do I look like an Extra from Scream 3? Well then who among us will be the first to judge. We talk about wine skins, Judge Judy, North Korean Backpack Nukes, illegal socks and we save you 270 minutes of your life force and atleast $45 by explaining why you should not see the 3 movies I already forgot about even though I was just explaining my cohesive and well thought out arguments about why these movies suck and some of it has to do with Juggalos. My mom sings Van Halen, I buy a Yamaha guitar in 1990 and we find out who is evil.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

We are 138 - Whiskey and The Surfer

Another hardcore heavy episode, TWO FOR THURSDAY with Agnostic Front, Discipline, Hatebreed, Sick of It All and Death Before Dishonor. Debuts from Warzone, Exploited and live mosh from CBGBs. We take an in depth look at the illusion of traffic and when its time to fish the other side of the boat. Still no idea what I am officiating this wedding in outfit wise, I am confident the wheels of the Universe are working to provide as per the usual. Be the Mike Reno Headband of your life, pull it tight and rage to some Kill Your Idols, Madball, ACDC and Suicidal. Today was a prepsheetless event which is becoming more and more the norm, I only gave my self douche chills twice this episode so hey things are looking up. Eyeroll, seriously though, Amish ghosts? A whole channel dedicated to ghosts and murder? CNN, Zing,

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