Friday, July 29, 2016

Episode 113 7/28/16
DNC's Donkey Whisperer

JLJ, Whiskey and the Surfer sit back and watch DJ Phantom throw an absolute perfect game. Opening with Aha, into The Cars and then ramps up the heat with Overkill, Testament, Anthrax and Metallica before putting the podcast gently to sleep with some Styx. Today's show focuses on universal income, forward thinking and watching politics for the entertainment that it is. We jump into Donkey Whispering and JLJ gets heckled by The Surfer over his sweaty audtion.
Cart Path Diem is John Tole, Wes Key, Flip Rivers and DJ Phantom sometimes announced and moderated by 1996 Johnny Carson.

Today was one of those days where while the productions planets aligned for a lot of frustration it was met with laughs and in the end the work got done. Have fun, love everyone and don't quit.

Episode 112 Million Dollar Shroom Gator 7/27/16
Divorced house boats, Trump and the Russians, Bloody Vegan burgers and an appearance by 1996 Johnny Carson. JLJ, Whiskey and The Surfer join forces with DJ Phantom and break down chakras and the radio of reality. We jam out to Rush, Loverboy, Flock of Seagulls, Night Ranger, Free, Foreigner, Scorpions and the glory that is Eddie Money.